Players Code of Conduct

The following are rules set forth by StormGarde for the Services we provide, any attempt to break them will result in appropriate action against your in-game accounts.
Any user, regular or Premium, is subject to the same rules and breaking them will get them banned in the same way.


Do not announce other server names anywhere, be it via whisper, guild chat, discord or any global channels. Do not mention their names even for the sake of comparisons or criticizing. Advertising other servers, sites, hacking programs or third-party programs etc. is highly forbidden. Do not try to work like a licensed Stormgarde employer.

If violated, it will result in an immediate ban from both our discord server aswell as in-game.


If you are caught cheating the promotion system, every account associated with you will be permanently banned.
do not attempt this


It is consedered acting in bad faith creating an account from a RAF link provided by your main account, only to leave the character afk.
This cannot be tolerated, and will result in an exclusion for the recruited account.


Our Discord should not be used as a report system for bugs, use instead the build in bug report via the website.
Leave as many details as possible including realm name

NOTE! Reports without links & details to given npcs / quest / dugeons etc will be marked as invalid.

MoP : Report


This is really basic and "shouldn't" need further explanations. Players caught making use of cheat programs for example, to Speed Hack or Fly Hack (most common offenses), transmog weapons or armor of different types or other cheats, are banned from the server. Do not bother to appeal over a ban with the GM, as they will not discuss it. This is not acceptable. It has no relevance when upholding the rules.


This may take many forms, but all of them are obvious. If you are profiting of any in-game advantage that shouldn't be happening normally, its a bug exploit and the fault for abusing it is yours and whoever is doing it with you. Don't blame the Server, GM's or Developers for it, as it will only get things worse for you.


Unauthorized sharing will not be tolerated, and will immediately result in an exclusion from our discord / In-game


Offensive language will not be tolerated, and these messages will be deleted immediately.
if this behaviour continues, it will result in either a kick or ban from both the game and our Discord


If you dont like the Server, you are free to leave anytime without insulting us.
Disrespecting the server or a staff member is not acceptable.
Do not expect forgiveness if you are caught insulting the Server or any of its Staff Members. This is valid anywhere.
If you have any complaints about a staff member, feel free to send a private message to his/her superior.
There is no need to open a public thread for it.


All donations and purchases are final. No exchanges or moves. We will not provide refunds under any circumstances. Any attempts to reverse or dispute a donation will be met with an immediate and permanent ban.


Do not contact any of our staff members in private, including the owner,
use the proper channels e.g  general discussion /
support, or submit a ticket via Ticket-submit.


Multiboxing is allowed only in isolated PVE areas and within common sense. Do not get into quest areas or disrupt game playing of others in any way. Multiboxing is NEVER allowed in PvP areas and it may get you a permanent ban.


Our Disord server is not a market place for sources,scripts et cetera. Take this in private


Do understand that simply using the word 'donor' doesn't constitutes donor bashing.
The act of donating or the fact donors exist shouldn't be insulted or attacked - you are playing on a free server because of them.
Simple teasing a donor isn't donor bashing, although it can easily build up to common harassing if you push it.
If you are going to insult someone, please refrain from saying anything related to donators, the fact of the user has donated, got exclusive gear or anything that can slightly be related to donations in general.
The only one who will be framed is you.
No excuse will be accepted.
Also, Donators CAN be punished for donor bashing.
As stated on the top, the rules are valid to everybody, regular or Premium.
Remember : donors allow our realms to continue to be free-to-play.
Be thankful. 

This page does not cover all the rules.
If the GM's find an unfitting behavior, they will punish the player accordingly.

UPDATED 7/16-22
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5. Taurus Class: Druid Faction: Alliance 110 kills
6. Aquyssa Class: Warrior Faction: Alliance 60 kills
7. Slagtermom Class: Death knight Faction: Alliance 20 kills
8. Rhunok Class: Shaman Faction: Alliance 3 kills
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