Our Vision
Our Vision

Our vision for this project is allowing future players to enjoy the game at a casual level without falling too far behind.
We have therefore implemented a playerbot | AI | system, which will improve the overall solo gameplay | Queue for


Not within your taste ? Fear not, you can also use your own alts as bots.

It also include open world interaction.
The server is build around this system, so wether you're a hardworking adult or a teen buried in homework, you can always return and pickup where you left off.

The project was launched 22 february 2020
Stormgarde ranks Compete for the first place
1. Maverick Class: Mage Faction: Alliance 501 kills
2. Pat Class: Warrior Faction: Horde 342 kills
3. Adimus Class: Priest Faction: Horde 284 kills
4. Grim Class: Rogue Faction: Horde 187 kills
5. Taurus Class: Druid Faction: Alliance 110 kills
6. Aquyssa Class: Warrior Faction: Alliance 60 kills
7. Slagtermom Class: Death knight Faction: Alliance 20 kills
8. Rhunok Class: Shaman Faction: Alliance 3 kills
Server status Solo Experience
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