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1.TanqClass: DruidFaction: Alliance2295 kills
2.MiaClass: PaladinFaction: Alliance2176 kills
3.QittenClass: MageFaction: Alliance2132 kills
4.QuirkClass: WarriorFaction: Alliance2132 kills
5.QookyClass: PriestFaction: Alliance2094 kills
6.AdimusClass: PriestFaction: Horde988 kills
7.DaemonicClass: WarriorFaction: Horde895 kills
8.Class: WarriorFaction: Horde273 kills
9.ApocalipsisClass: WarlockFaction: Horde252 kills
10.BarclayClass: Death knightFaction: Horde226 kills
11.BeastClass: RogueFaction: Alliance225 kills
12.MandyClass: ShamanFaction: Horde171 kills
13.DaemonpriestClass: PriestFaction: Horde168 kills
14.CoriClass: WarriorFaction: Horde163 kills
15.DaemonknightClass: Death knightFaction: Horde159 kills
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