StormGarde GM Recruitment

StormGarde GM Recruitment​

Greetings all,

We at StormGarde are looking for responsible, intelligent and enthusiastic players who can work in a team or do different tasks themselves,​
use their free time, socialize, help other players and increase the comfort and enjoyment of playing on our server.​

The main task of the Game Master/supporter is to help in-game players, respond to tickets,​
deal with in-game complaints, and punish in-game violations.​
Discord : The Game Master only work in the support area, where it tries, if possible, to help players with other difficulties.​

  • Conditions​
- Must be at least 18 years old.​
- Previous experience as a game master (exceptions can be made).​
- Existing character and account on StormGarde | Account Name |.​
- Extensive knowledge of the expansion: Mists Of Pandaria.​
- Knowledge of the Trinity Core Game Master commands.​
- Excellent troubleshooting skills.​
- Strong motivation and commitment.​
- Excellent teamwork.​
- Able to work independently.​
- Strong multitasking ability.​
- Sound knowledge of Windows-based operating systems.​
- Never banned on StormGarde before.​
- Players who have proven loyal to stormGarde will clearly have an advantage.​
- Name and Armory link of your Play Characters on the server.​
- You must be active on the server.​
  • Requirements​
- Good communication/written skills in English.​
- Stress resistance, friendliness, courtesy.​
- The ability to learn to meet discipline requirements.​
- Knowledge of our rules of conduct.​
- Knowledge of basic Vanilla - Mists Of Pandaria content, passion for the game.​

Furthermore, months of inactivity will result in the loss of both discord support, as well as the GM rank.​

  • biography​

- Tell us something about yourself, and why we should pick you.​

Send your application to > <
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