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PVE Highrate Server

Patch: 5.4.8 | MoP
Server Uptime 3 hours

1354 Characters
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Stormgarde ranks Compete for the first place
1. Maverick Class: Mage Faction: Alliance 501 kills
2. Pat Class: Warrior Faction: Horde 342 kills
3. Adimus Class: Priest Faction: Horde 284 kills
4. Grim Class: Rogue Faction: Horde 187 kills
5. Taurus Class: Druid Faction: Alliance 110 kills
6. Aquyssa Class: Warrior Faction: Alliance 60 kills
7. Slagtermom Class: Death knight Faction: Alliance 20 kills
8. Rhunok Class: Shaman Faction: Alliance 3 kills
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