Stormgarde ranksCompete for the first place
1.ShadowbladeClass: RogueFaction: Alliance3962 kills
2.AcouthytClass: PaladinFaction: Alliance3011 kills
3.BelissaClass: MageFaction: Alliance1003 kills
4.KattyClass: PaladinFaction: Alliance756 kills
5.IcanfreezeClass: MageFaction: Alliance657 kills
6.ShockolateClass: ShamanFaction: Horde641 kills
7.FernandinClass: WarriorFaction: Horde426 kills
8.WildestClass: HunterFaction: Horde375 kills
9.BittomClass: HunterFaction: Horde372 kills
10.BittmgClass: MageFaction: Horde330 kills
11.BittheClass: PriestFaction: Horde328 kills
12.BittonClass: PaladinFaction: Horde321 kills
13.KodiClass: WarriorFaction: Horde317 kills
14.BittrgClass: RogueFaction: Horde305 kills
15.BittwaClass: WarriorFaction: Horde305 kills
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