Stormgarde ranksCompete for the first place
1.GemtwoClass: WarriorFaction: Horde1216 kills
2.PrrotonClass: Death knightFaction: Alliance551 kills
3.IllusiveClass: DruidFaction: Alliance303 kills
4.DukiClass: MageFaction: Horde233 kills
5.AekenyrClass: Death knightFaction: Horde156 kills
6.MmaxClass: RogueFaction: Alliance146 kills
7.CrbgClass: WarlockFaction: Horde116 kills
8.UmbraClass: RogueFaction: Horde97 kills
9.TintaClass: PaladinFaction: Alliance88 kills
10.JuniperClass: DruidFaction: Alliance88 kills
11.SugarClass: PaladinFaction: Alliance83 kills
12.GrayClass: ShamanFaction: Alliance82 kills
13.CamilodClass: MonkFaction: Horde77 kills
14.WarloniaClass: WarlockFaction: Alliance76 kills
15.SaffronClass: MageFaction: Alliance76 kills
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